Pupil Voice

We deeply value the voice of our pupils and recognise its critical role in shaping a vibrant school community. Empowering our children to express their opinions and ideas is fundamental to our educational ethos, promoting a sense of responsibility, leadership and active participation in school life.

School Parliament

Our School Parliament is a cornerstone of pupil voice at Gateway School. Led by Year 6 children and supported by representatives from each year group, the parliament focuses on four key committees: Community, Environment, Food and Charity. These dedicated groups are pivotal in championing positive change within the school and the broader community. The efforts of our School Parliament has led to significant achievements in fundraising and raising awareness for various causes both locally and internationally. They have enacted positive change within the school environment, including recognition for our eco initiatives, development of a wellbeing hub and working with our chef to further improve the catering options. Through their initiatives, children learn the importance of community involvement and environmental stewardship, reflecting our commitment to developing informed, responsible global citizens.

Empowering Pupils

By involving the children in decision-making processes and school governance through the School Parliament, we provide them with invaluable opportunities to develop leadership skills. This empowers them to take ownership of their learning environment and contribute meaningfully to the school community.

Listening to Our Pupils

Gateway School is committed to maintaining open channels of communication, ensuring that each child’s voice is heard and valued. This ongoing dialogue enriches our school culture, making it more inclusive and responsive to the needs and interests of all children.

Pupil voice is not just about giving the children the opportunity to speak; it’s about listening, responding and acting on their ideas to create a better community for everyone. Through our School Parliament, mentoring programme and other avenues, we continue to support a culture where every pupil feels empowered to make a positive impact.

House System

Our House system plays a pivotal role in promoting a spirit of community and healthy competition. From Reception onwards, children are assigned to one of four houses, with siblings joining the same house to encourage family spirit across different age groups. Our houses – Seacole, Jenner,  Brunel and Bernardo, are named after historical figures who exemplify the values we cherish.

Throughout the academic year, the children are awarded house points that exemplify our school values and these are collated each week and shared, with great anticipation, in our weekly celebration assemblies. Additionally, the children participate in a variety of inter-house competitions that encourage teamwork and personal achievement. These events range from sports to academic challenges, providing diverse opportunities to contribute to their house success. The houses are led by Year 6, who take on leadership roles, guiding their younger peers and setting an example of responsibility and school pride.

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