From the moment they step through our doors, our Preschool children are warmly embraced by the supportive atmosphere of Gateway School. They experience a profound sense of belonging and respect, fostered by interactions with older children in the school, creating a nurturing environment from day one.

Preschool Facilities

Our standalone Preschool is nestled within the broader school grounds and features its own dedicated garden, perfect for exploration and sensory play. Children enjoy fresh, nutritious meals prepared daily by our in-house chef, ensuring they are well-nourished for a day full of discovery.

The Preschool benefits from access to the school’s extensive facilities, including tennis courts, diverse play equipment, spacious grassed areas, a woodland adventure area, a well-stocked library and a dedicated music room, all of which enrich their educational experience significantly.

Wraparound Care

For busy parents, we offer comprehensive wraparound care from 8 am to 6 pm throughout the year, providing a seamless and convenient Preschool experience.

Preschool Curriculum

Learning is centred around play, guiding children through the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. focusing on seven key areas of development:

  • Prime Areas: Communication and Language; Physical Development; Personal, Social, and Emotional Development.
  • Specific Areas: Mathematics; Literacy; Understanding the World; Expressive Arts and Design.

Each area is taught through a mix of adult-led and child-initiated activities, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive developmental approach.

Specialist Subjects & Teaching

Our curriculum is enriched with specialist teaching that broadens the Preschool experience. Our specialist teachers bring their expertise to the classroom in Modern Foreign Languages (MFL), Music and Rhyme, and Physical Education (PE).

During weekly MFL sessions, children are introduced to new languages through simple phrases and vocabulary such as greetings, numbers, and colours, enhancing their listening and speaking skills. In Music and Rhyme sessions, children explore rhythm, instruments, and melodies, fostering their creativity and auditory skills. Our PE sessions, led by specialist sports teachers, focus on developing gross motor skills through activities like running, jumping, and coordination exercises, crucial for physical development.

Phonics teaching is structured through a bespoke programme starting with environmental sounds and progressing to more complex sound blends, preparing children for their reading journey. Our dynamic curriculum is driven by the children’s interests, which influence our topics, special events, and trips. We maintain flexible groupings throughout the day to encourage both collaborative and independent learning experiences, supported by our dedicated staff, including the children’s key person.

Visits from local community members and trips to nearby places enrich our curriculum, making learning engaging and relevant. Annually, the children perform in a Christmas play, celebrating their achievements and sharing their growth with families.

Our children in Preschool thrive in our nurturing and stimulating environment,  transitioning seamlessly through to Reception fully prepared for the exciting educational adventures that lie ahead.

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